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A cost-effective and risk-free way to elevate your business. Get MCA up to $150K, withdraw anytime, and repay on your schedules.
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Merchant Cash Advance Funding for Bridging Cashflow Gaps

Instant Funding

We do not keep you waiting long for funding. As soon as your bank statements and credit processing assessments are complete, you will get the funds within 24 hours.

Transparent Pricing

We are a merchant cash advance company with transparent and upfront pricing. There are no hidden costs or extra charges. You will pay the amount you decide as per your plans.

Repayment Duration

MCA values flexibility in repaying amounts. Your repayment plans are designed according to your sales and revenue receivables.

Debt is not scary if it is received from a reliable lender. At Purple Tree Funding, Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is the well-known financing option for small and medium-sized businesses looking for quick access to working capital. However, unlike traditional ways, which require a lot of time to process and release funds, MCA is bridging the gaps in cash flows. You can use this amount to stock up your product lines as short-term relief, make payrolls, and expand and grow your business.
With MCA, you will receive lump sum payments in exchange for future credit card sales. The effortless funding with variable repayment plans is ideal for businesses with fluctuating revenues or seasonal sales patterns. It’s a convenient way to fund businesses looking for fast Finance Solutions and quick approvals.
If you are a small business owner in dire need of extra capital to grow into a more significant business, buy materials, or deal with some emergencies, MCA could be the solution that turns your dream into reality.

Quick Access to the Cash with Business Merchant Cash Advance

We make it easy for you with merchant cash advance online document submission.
Finance solutions on valid form of identification
3 months bank statement
Proof of credit card processing

Best Online Lender with Instant Merchant Cash Advance

Say goodbye to the lengthy and tiring application process and expand, invest, and launch your startups with easy, quick funding. Supercharge your business growth in just 4 hassle-free, simple steps.
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About Us

Unlock the potential of your businesses with Purple Tree Funding, A leading Merchant Cash Advance Company! We are the dedicated, premier, and one-stop shop for Merchant Cash Advances. Besides being dedicated and providing easy terms and conditions, we are fueling the dreams of entrepreneurs like you. With unmatchable expertise and relentless commitment to customer satisfaction, we have cemented our status as a go-to provider for swift, flexible, and tailored funding solutions. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals, we have the complete know-how of every small and medium-sized business’s unique challenges. We empower businesses with all the resources they need to reach new heights of success. By choosing Purple Tree Funding, you will experience a difference in this ever-evolving landscape of MCA.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customized funding solutions without any restrictions or obstacles. We are poised and committed to transforming the financial landscape with easy and quick funding solutions. To unlock its full potential, our experts craft innovative and reliable funding solutions for each client. We are a trusted partner for those navigating market fluctuations, unlocking avenues for growth to reach unprecedented success.

Our Vision

Our vision entails their commitment to offering superior financial services and building enduring relationships. After identifying goals and objectives or analyzing the needs and wants, we get deeper into needs and develop funding solutions for growth. In addition to being the leading lender and a reliable and long-term financial partner, we have assumed the role of a value-added strategic partner and a trusted fund partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)?
A merchant cash advance is a type of funding or financing in which a business owner receives a lump sum payment from a merchant cash advance provider. In such a business, the owner repays the advance from future sales.
The working and processing mechanism of merchant cash advances for startups or temporary cashflows is simple. The lender will calculate the repayment’s fixed amount by estimating the business’s monthly sales. In other words, the repayment terms and plan is predictable.
There are numerous benefits to having the best merchant advance companies, such as quick funding, high and instant approval rates, and no collateral requirements.
A consistent flow of credit card transactions indicates that you can qualify for the merchant cash advance. Although merchant funding is available for all kinds of businesses. But even if you have less than the perfect credit score, you can still qualify for MCA.
The amount of funding is variable from lender to lender. However, every small and medium business can receive an initial budget of $150k depending on monthly sales. They can also get up to $20k for initial investments.
What Are the Fees Associated with a Merchant Cash Advance?
The fees associated with merchant cash advances are not fixed. It can be high or low depending upon the merchant and lending conditions. For instance, the cost could be 3% to 5% of the total amount. At Purple Tree Funding, we do not have any security fee or other pricing, we are transparent.
The funding process is easy, smooth, and flexible. At Purple Tree Funding you can get funds within 24 hours of processing and assessment of the documents. We do not delay the funding process.
Yes, you can use MCA for any purpose. You can cover your short-term expenses and borrow capital up to a limit. With Purple Tree Funding, you can drive your business forward with our tailored financing solutions. You will get a loan with predetermined or fixed amounts.
Some risks are associated with the MCA, such as hidden charges, high advance payments, and interest rates. But with us, you do not have to worry about anything. We offer transparent pricing at competitive interest rates.
We have a solution for this as well. When your sales are higher, you can pay higher amounts; when your sales are lower, you can pay the baseline amount. Other than that the withdrawals are held at a fixed amount.
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