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Secured commercial loans with fast Approvals and immediate release within one day.

Best Education Loans with Effortless Plans

No Down payments

No application processing fee and no down payments, apply, submit docs, and your loans will be approved.

Easy Plans

Repay plans are customized and synergize with the customer’s flexibility.

Fixed Payments

Pay what you see and what you get with competitive interest rates.

Expand and operate your sphere of education on a larger scale with Purple Tree Funding. We offer customized funding plans and access to working capital with low competitive rates. The funds and loans received for education can be used to improve infrastructure and technology and expand curriculum plans by introducing new courses and digital systems.
Instead of tying you up like other private lenders, we work on covering budget limitations. Our loans are primarily focused on strengthening academic departments and fostering professional growth. Get tailored loan amounts up to $500K and achieve goals at every turn.
Gear up to win in the educational land with lenders prioritizing customer ease. There are no tough conditions or difficult repayment plans. Because for us, your win is a priority.

Limitless Possibilities to Grow Your Business

Nothing more, just a few documents
Three months' bank statements
Voided check and Identification Proof
Driving License

Wipe out Budget Gaps with a Seamless process

We offer a quick and easy application system so you can get the approval as easily as possible.








About Us

Unlock the potential of your businesses with Purple Tree Funding, A leading Merchant Cash Advance Company! We are the dedicated, premier, and one-stop shop for Merchant Cash Advances. Besides being dedicated and providing easy terms and conditions, we are fueling the dreams of entrepreneurs like you. With unmatchable expertise and relentless commitment to customer satisfaction, we have cemented our status as a go-to provider for swift, flexible, and tailored funding solutions. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals, we have the complete know-how of every small and medium-sized business’s unique challenges. We empower businesses with all the resources they need to reach new heights of success. By choosing Purple Tree Funding, you will experience a difference in this ever-evolving landscape of MCA

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customized funding solutions without any restrictions or obstacles. We are poised and committed to transforming the financial landscape with easy and quick funding solutions. To unlock its full potential, our experts craft innovative and reliable funding solutions for each client. We are a trusted partner for those navigating market fluctuations, unlocking avenues for growth to reach unprecedented success.

Our Vision

Our vision entails their commitment to offering superior financial services and building enduring relationships. After identifying goals and objectives or analyzing the needs and wants, we get deeper into needs and develop funding solutions for growth. In addition to being the leading lender and a reliable and long-term financial partner, we have assumed the role of a value-added strategic partner and a trusted fund partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Educational Systems Are Eligible for Loan?
Almost every educational institute is eligible for funding at our loan agency. Whether opening a new school downtown or running a training center in the countryside, you can get flexible financing to cater to your business needs and goals.
Although the funding amounts are tailored and matched to your education institution’s needs, we generally offer loans ranging from $20,000 to $500,000 at Purple Tree Funding.
The interest rates are curated while focusing on small businesses, especially start-ups so that nobody can go through worst-case scenarios. Overall, the rates are competitive and depend on the business type, funding amount, and repayment duration.
The repayment period is customized according to the educational institution’s financial timeline. You choose your own dates on the calendar for the installment payment.
The mandatory list of documents includes the driver’s license, bank statement, identification proof, and voided check.
How Long Does It Take to Get Approval for a Business Loan?
It takes only a few minutes to accept the application, a few hours for the documents to be assessed, and one day for the loan amount to be transferred into your accounts.
No, the pricing is transparent; no extra charges like down payments and application fees are applicable.
Yes, businesses with existing loans are also eligible for financial support at Purple Tree Funding if they have all the necessary documents for approval.
The repayment options are flexible and customized. The borrower chooses their repayment dates and schedule.
They can contact our vetted team via an online form, fill out the necessary information, and submit the documents. Your loan will be issued within 24 hours if you are eligible.
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