Bespoke and Tailored Laboratory Funding Solutions

Individualized funding solutions that fit the needs of every lab. Elevate your research by borrowing capital crafted for scientific breakthroughs.

Financial Collaborator with Up to $500,000 Lab Loans

Swift Lab Boost

There will be nothing wrong with buying your lab equipment immediately. We offer fast-track funding solutions that enable you to obtain cash within 24 hours after the funding.

Crystal-clear Investments

You can get up to $500K in funding with transparent terms and zero fluctuations.

Flexible Funding

The repayment plans are adapted to the lab's financial flow. You can repay the laboratory loan when your revenues allow you to.

At Purple Tree Funding, funds are ways to fuel your business innovation and discovery. With a swift, efficient, simplified, and dynamic funding process, our teams ensure your research reaches the ultimate goals. Our fast loan approvals are redefining the boundaries of brilliant ideas. We offer straightforward funding of up to $20k, $150k, and $500k depending upon the business needs and the momentum your business deserves.
Our flexible and competitive monthly, interest-only, and tailored payment options acknowledge the dynamism of the scientific process and free you to achieve instead of worrying about cash flow.
Select us as your funding partners, and let’s co-create a new concept for the research’s future together. Let our financing options take you to the next level. Spare some of your time to make a difference in the world today.

Laboratory Loans: Fuel Your Research with 3 Documents

Say no to onerous paperwork and hello to the release of funds by submitting these documents.
A valid identification form
Submit Bank statements
credit card processing for loan lab

Catalyzing Innovation with Streamlined Process

The loan lending industry also acquires tiresome application process. But that’s not the case with Purple Tree Funding. With us, your funding process is as easy as pie. Just open and fill in what is required.








About Us

Unlock the potential of your businesses with Purple Tree Funding, A leading Merchant Cash Advance Company! We are the dedicated, premier, and one-stop shop for Merchant Cash Advances. Besides being dedicated and providing easy terms and conditions, we are fueling the dreams of entrepreneurs like you. With unmatchable expertise and relentless commitment to customer satisfaction, we have cemented our status as a go-to provider for swift, flexible, and tailored funding solutions. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals, we have the complete know-how of every small and medium-sized business’s unique challenges. We empower businesses with all the resources they need to reach new heights of success. By choosing Purple Tree Funding, you will experience a difference in this ever-evolving landscape of MCA

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customized funding solutions without any restrictions or obstacles. We are poised and committed to transforming the financial landscape with easy and quick funding solutions. To unlock its full potential, our experts craft innovative and reliable funding solutions for each client. We are a trusted partner for those navigating market fluctuations, unlocking avenues for growth to reach unprecedented success.

Our Vision

Our vision entails their commitment to offering superior financial services and building enduring relationships. After identifying goals and objectives or analyzing the needs and wants, we get deeper into needs and develop funding solutions for growth. In addition to being the leading lender and a reliable and long-term financial partner, we have assumed the role of a value-added strategic partner and a trusted fund partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Laboratory Funding?
This is a loan service where financial help will take the form of capital to the laboratories so they can work, innovate, and form the right future plans within their laboratories.
All the research institutes and organizations, startups, and private sector companies that are running some sort of business and discoveries and need cash flow for purchasing new equipment, payrolls, and expansion of business are eligible for the funding. You should also have a good credit score, official bank statements, or any asset to get the finance.
Any healthcare laboratory, biomedical research lab, forensic science lab, or private testing lab can apply for funding. At Purple Tree Funding, you can get funding as per your needs with minimum terms and conditions.
Anyone interested in getting a loan from Purple Tree Funding, they’ll be happy to know that the process of getting a loan is straightforward and convenient. Most of these agencies provide an application form where you must fill in various details and upload supporting documents if necessary. Once you finish it, your funds will be provided to you as assessed.
The key documents that must be procured are the bank statement, identification proof, business registration, driveway license, and a voided check. To get more understanding, call and connect with our teams.
What Can Laboratory Funding Be Used For?
You can use Purple Tree Funding loan releases for various purposes. For instance, you can buy new equipment, hire staff to manage increasing workloads, conduct research, and improve your labs’ infrastructure for better scientific endeavors.
As a major private lender, our funding approval time is no longer than the period to process a bank loan. Regarding funds, we require the documentation from the client and then evaluate the documents; the funds are processed within the accounts within 24 hours of approval.
Our interest rates are competitive, and the amount varies depending on the type of funding and other terms and conditions.
Yes, laboratory funding can be used to purchase equipment. You can even buy all the latest amenities and advanced things necessary for your labs.
On normal days, we offer loan amounts up to $150K and even up to $500K. We also provide a minimum amount of $20K. However, the amount is not fixed, it varies from client to client and business.
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