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Access small business loans for restaurants with competitive rates and care-free repayment plans.

Lucrative Small Business Loans for Restaurants

No Collaterals

We do not seize properties and ask collaterals for loan approvals.

Fixed Funds

Get funding amounts up to $500K without hidden costs.

Interest Rates

We offer funds with competitive interest rates, and the amount depends on the loan amounts and repayment plans.

Your culinary dreams are now a reality with Purple Tree Funding. Our vetted professionals, with extensive experience and a commitment to excellence, are untangling all the fiscal constraints so your restaurants can run effortlessly. We offer loans with minimum conditions and amounts ranging from $20,000 to $500,000.
The financing options with competitive interest rates and quick approvals are ready for seasoned restaurants and for passionate cooks who are on their way to opening their first startups. The loans can be used to buy equipment and stoves, hire staff, and do other things per your needs.
Our funds will unblock financial roadblocks and increase culinary success. In a nutshell, we are trusted partners for all goal achievers. Let’s shake hands and build your restaurant empire today. We have you covered.

Funds to Save Your Diners from Worst-case Scenario

Nothing more, just a few documents
Three months' bank statements
Voided check and Identification Proof
Driving License

Quick Restaurant Funding For Your Cozy Restaurants

Keep up with your inclusive workspace with Purple Tree Funding. Our one-go application process enhances customer bases with positive results. Four steps, and here you go.








About Us

Unlock the potential of your businesses with Purple Tree Funding, A leading Merchant Cash Advance Company! We are the dedicated, premier, and one-stop shop for Merchant Cash Advances. Besides being dedicated and providing easy terms and conditions, we are fueling the dreams of entrepreneurs like you. With unmatchable expertise and relentless commitment to customer satisfaction, we have cemented our status as a go-to provider for swift, flexible, and tailored funding solutions. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals, we have the complete know-how of every small and medium-sized business’s unique challenges. We empower businesses with all the resources they need to reach new heights of success. By choosing Purple Tree Funding, you will experience a difference in this ever-evolving landscape of MCA

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customized funding solutions without any restrictions or obstacles. We are poised and committed to transforming the financial landscape with easy and quick funding solutions. To unlock its full potential, our experts craft innovative and reliable funding solutions for each client. We are a trusted partner for those navigating market fluctuations, unlocking avenues for growth to reach unprecedented success.

Our Vision

Our vision entails their commitment to offering superior financial services and building enduring relationships. After identifying goals and objectives or analyzing the needs and wants, we get deeper into needs and develop funding solutions for growth. In addition to being the leading lender and a reliable and long-term financial partner, we have assumed the role of a value-added strategic partner and a trusted fund partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Restaurant Finance?
It is the type of funding for restaurants that is used to manage the money and resources of the businesses. It includes cash flow management, preparing plans for the payrolls and hiring new employees, managing debt, and ensuring the restaurant’s financial stability and growth.
To get a loan for a restaurant business, you can use various means of financing, such as bank loans, SBA loans, crowdfunding, and personal loans. At Purple Tree Funding, you can get financing for your business by fulfilling a single application. Our vetted professionals assess your eligibility and release funds up to $500,000 as per your needs.
Debt is always worrisome, but not with Purple Tree Funding. Our dynamic and accommodative funding for restaurants is a great way to refinance your debt. Lower interest rates and assistance from finance management can help clientele in the business growth graph’s curves.
The payoff time for the loan for the restaurant is not fixed. It depends on factors like interest rates, loan amount, repayment terms, and the overall fiscal performance of the restaurant. You can repay loans within months, days, and even a year or years. It depends on the borrower’s ease and reliability.
Regarding the Purple Tree Funding restaurant business loans, you can pay us back in different ways. For instance, you can repay the loan when your business generates enough revenues or observes an increase. It depends on how you will pay it easily, as our priority is to give flexibility instead of burdening the entrepreneur’s shoulders.
Can You Get a Mortgage on a Restaurant?
You can do it if your top-notch priority and security is to mortgage restaurant property. Regardless, we do not demand any collateral or assets as security. We fund restaurant startups and small businesses by evaluating their financial statements, identification proof, driving licenses, and voided checks.
The grants for the restaurant loans are quick and fast. Although the grants vary from lender to lender, but at Purple Tree Funding, we establish a long-term relationship with borrowers and support them by releasing them within one day after post-approval.
Eligibility for restaurant business funding at Purple Tree Funding is not difficult to crack. You can get funds for the business with a few solid proofs, such as business identification, financial statements, voided checks, and driving licenses, to approve the funds without delays.
On average, it is pretty challenging, especially when you want funding for a restaurant startup or your business is in the get-go. You have to submit documents that can be risky or a threat to the security of your business. But we do not let you go through these trials. There are no collaterals, down payments, and few documents and your funds will be released.
You can obtain funding for a restaurant if you have a good credit score. However, Purple Tree Funding approves loans for startups and already-running restaurants with only demand approval for the last 3 to 6 months bank statements, along with a few other documents.
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